Introducing M-Hat's Private Program

Here’s What Your 6 Week Intensive Looks Like:

Everything From Marketing, Sales, Branding, Operations, Support, Finances, Productions, Live Events, And Everything Else You Could Want To Know On How To Scale Your Empire

Here's What We Offer!

Week 1

Set the Foundation Of The Economics World (3 Hours)

Studying economics helps build the skill to understand complex markets through strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as business acumen. As we will be focusing on:-

  • Consuming customers cycles
  • Supply & Demand
  • Micro & Macro Economics

Week 2

The Breakdown Of The Company Structure & Culture (3 Hours)

A 30,000 Bird view on the main pillars that can make or break an organization. As we will be focusing on

  • Company Structure
  • Company Culture
  • Group Communication

Week 3

Leading by example (3 Hours)

Focus on setting a clear vision for the team and then effectively communicating it to your subordinates/colleagues with a smooth transition on change as resistance is always attached to the word Change. Therefor, this week we will focus on

  • Finesse Leadership Skills
  • Change Management

1 - 1 Call (1 Hour)

Between Week 3 and week 4 a full hour will be dedicated & scheduled for you with the instructor/coach. where it is designed to make sure that all your questions are answered and recommendations are implemented for the upcoming 3 weeks.  

** This hour is designed to make sure that your voice & feedback are heard **

Week 4

Understanding the individual (3 hours)

The organization is a group of indivuals that have their own motivations, drives and abilities. Therefore, this week we will focus on:

  • Culture Diversity
  • Ability to fit
  • Individual Motivation & Drive

Course 6:

Numbers & Supply Chain

In business, numbers & finances are the only factor used to make decisions. Therefore, this week we will focus on:

  • understand how to read & asses financial statements
  • A quick tour on Supply chain Management

Course 7:

How To Build Your (Personal Media Platform) P.M.P. So You Never Have To Chase Clients Again

Other programs focus on “push marketing” – ads, funnels, copywriting, webinars, etc. That’s only one side to the story.
The other side of the story is “pull marketing” and your Personal Media Platform. It’s the permanent fix to the feast-or-famine income cycle – this is the long-term solution to get consistent leads and income stream without relying on direct response.

1 - 1 Call (2 hours)

After going through all 6 weeks there will be a personalized 2 hours with the instructor that is designed to help answer all questions and clarification you have on any topic shared in the Practical MBA Blueprint. 

This time you may also ask for private consulting on whatever situation you believe will make this course more valuable to you. 

** Those 2 hours are all yours… Let’s make sure you got served with EXCELLENCE **


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